Text Adventure Kit written in pure GWBASIC, a map editor and generator for Text Adventures

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This is a demo of a Text Adventure Kit, a Map Editor and Generator for a Text Adventure, totally written in GWBASIC, running with DOS.
But the generated Text Adventure BASIC source code will also run with CP/M and MBASIC, with DOS and GWBASIC, QBASIC or any QB compiler, with Linux and FreeBASIC, or with any newer WINDOWS and PC-BASIC 2.02 or QB64.

This looks very basic, but look at the generated adventure code !
I started with a simple map, drawn by hand.

Then I converted it to the 11×11 map, result see here:

It shows even with ancient computer software, something creative can be done. Download it at my page http://www.z80.eu/basic2.html or >here<.
The video at >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpRq4IFYQTg << shows the Editor and Generator in action, and shows afterwards the gameplay to the created map.
A few pictures of the gameplay (from the generated text adventure):

Just started…

Got gold.

Killed the monster (with the sword, found before)
It was quite a pain to program it just in GWBASIC, not in a more modern version of BASIC (like QBASIC or Visual BASIC), but I wanted to show what still can be done with ancient software.
For those who creates a more sophisticated generated text adventure with it (remember you can edit the generated source code and so the text which is shown during the text adventure game play !), I will send also the source code of the editor (standard download is a compiled version).

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