This site is dedicated to my hobby. Old computers.

This site was created first with Namo Webeditor in 2007, a short time later I added a blog with „simplephpblog“.
Now I was getting nerved by the limits of this combination and I tried wordpress 😉

I am meanwhile a bit older meanwhile, in my late fifties, and I wanted to get a bit more structure and also far more modern options to present the infos I gathered or created by myself.
WordPress should fix that hopefully.

I am owning several old computers, built between 1982 and ca. 1990, some Z80 based ones and some Intel 8086/80286 ones, mostly portable devices with build in crt tubes.

This site should give you informations about hardware and software.
I added some more modern infos also, related to IT Security stuff or some other special techie IT stuff.
Feel free to explore this site and may be give me some feedback about blog entries, thank you in advance.

Have fun!