Siemens PG750 – a portable 386 PC with a CRT color display …

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Recently I purchased a portable PC, a Siemens PG750, which was in fact used as a S5 PLC programmer. But regardless of it, it can be used also to play DOS games, at least EGA graphics compatible ones.
This portable device has a Texas Instruments Graphics Adapter (TIGA) named Higraph I, based on a TMS34010 chip. It is very hard to find TIGA compatible software, mostly only ACAD 9 and 10 drivers. But the TIGA card offers higher resolutions similar to a VGA card. So I am still looking for TIGA GEM 3.0 and Windows 3.11 drivers.
The original hard disk drive contained MS-DOS 3.30 and Personal CP/M 2.0 (S5-DOS) – these two OS can be selected after booting of the PC is done:

You can’t access the CP/M filesystem (2nd partition) with MS-DOS, but with Concurrent DOS 3.2, I was able to access both partitions at the same time:

The PG750 has originally a combo floppy drive with a 3.5″ and a 5.25″ floppy. Unfortunately this Canon MD5511 drive was faulty (the 5.25″ part). So I replaced it with a modded Gotek drive:

There is no left space for additional drives, because only one 5.25 drive bay can be used:

I didn’t find so much additional information about the device itself, it seems to be a bit rare, even the original manual of the PG750-386 can’t be downloaded anymore (but still for the 486 CPU version).
This >link< points to the manual for the PG750-486.

2 thoughts on “Siemens PG750 – a portable 386 PC with a CRT color display …

  1. Hi Peter, I’m trying to revive the same Canon MD5511 drive. Mine has its 3.5″ blown so I was hoping to find a drive with a good 3.5″ part in it. If you have the drive thrown away, I would really appreciate getting it. Please let me know on my email what would you like for it.
    Thank you, and best regards! And happy vintage computing 🙂

    1. I can confirm this from responses of other visitors, that these drives unfortunately dying (both parts, not only the 3.5″ part one) very often.
      Meanwhile years before I got also a 2nd drive and put both working parts together, so after getting a fully working drive again, I reinserted it again into the Siemens PC (Gotek is used elsewhere). Regardless of this, I will not often use it, because it can die again (without known reason). I have stored the remaining drive with both parts not working also, but this will not help you I guess. I can ask friends in the for it, but I fear, this drive is too rare in general 🙁

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